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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Will clients discriminate against you?

A recent job-seeker column advised against providing any photo with a job application. The columnist wrote "the applicant opens himself or herself up to possible discrimination" by doing so. I often discuss the same issue with clients regarding whether they should include their photo on their business card.

In my view, people are very quick to make judgments (or assumptions) based on how you look. Too young; too old; too clever; too casual; too old-fashioned; too successful; too cheap; etc etc. In other words - they discriminate... often against you, based on how you look.

That's why I usually recommend not using a photo on your business card. You just can't tell what people will think, so it's much better for them to see you when they meet you. Then you can give them the complete picture of who you are.


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