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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Are you one of the 5% who 'do'

A new report from the UK states that only 5% of people who have a new business idea actually put it into action. 37% said they were held back by a lack of knowledge of how to start. How can you have a "lack of knowledge" these days? Maybe that should read a "lack of motivation"!

And Sean D'Souza says we should be reading at least 40 books a year to be as successful as we want. He says we need to be an information junkie. And I agree with him!

So the question is... are you in the 5% who actually do something? The 5% who are information junkies. The 5% who get the success they crave.

It's not always easy - as the other 95% of people will tell you.


  • At 9:43 AM, Blogger Debra Jarvis said…

    Hi Stuart
    Congratulations on a great newsletter and your blogging (is that acceptable internet speak?) I attended a breakfast on Sunday morning to meet participants of the Presidential Inner Circle and Kurek Ashley spoke about "Mental Muscle" a term I hadn't heard before. Basically it's the ability to practice an action perfectly such as a golf swing, a volleyball serve or a swiming stroke with your eyes closed, then when it comes time to do it for real your muscles (your actions and your thoughts) are aligned and work together and you do it perfectly because it is feels natural and normal. Your muscles have been conditioned. I'd suggest that the reason the 5% who do, do is because they have activated the power of thier mental muscle. Practice makes Perfect! Joy and Blessings, Debra Jarvis


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