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Friday, May 19, 2006

What Googles dominance means for you

Google is still on top (way on top). What does this mean for you? (Keep reading)

New data shows that in Australia Google remains the top search engine. In fact the combined users of its four nearest rivals - Yahoo!, ninemsn, BigPond, and OptusNet - equalled just over half of Googles users in the Jan-Mar 2006 quarter.

If you have a web site then you better make sure that your site is optimised for Google. Otherwise many users will have trouble finding it.

For quite a while Google has been the top search engine for business (B2B) 'buyers'. That's why I have focused on Google when opimising my site -

Go on... search on (select pages from Australia) and search for marketing consultant. Guess who you will see as No.1. Yep. My site.

Do the same thing and search for sales training. Who will you see. Yep. My site again.

My message to you is... you dont have to be a big name business to get number 1 rankings at Google. But you do have to do lots of little things right over an extended period of time.


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