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Monday, June 26, 2006

Learning what NOT to say when selling

Last week in my sales training course we covered the reasons for NOT answering this question from clients - "Tell me about your business". I didn't mean that you should avoid the answer, but if you don't handle this question correctly you can quickly bore the pants off your client.

As the seller you need to be aware of what is happening. You see, when clients ask about what you do, they don't really mean it. What they want to hear is "how can you help me". But they don't always ask it like that.

If you jump straight in and explain in great detail what your business does, there is a good chance much of what you say wont be of interest to that client.

So what should you do?

My recommendation to delegates at the course was to answer the question very briefy, and then steer the conversation back to the client by saying something like "So I know what's relevant to mention, can you tell me a bit more about what you are looking for".

Remember... smart sales people talk less.


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