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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Filter Your Enquiries to Save Time

As a business owner or service professional you have better things to do than to spend too much time talking with people who will never use your services. You need a system to sort out good prospects from not-so-good ones. This is what I call a filter.

Every week I am contacted by people who need some help with their marketing program. Some are great prospects. But others may really need a different type of marketing suppport than what I provide. Or maybe they are in an industry sector where I don't operate (such as retail or packaged goods manufacturing). Either way I can't afford to spend too much time sorting this out. After all, time is money.

So get yourself a system to 'qualify' your leads. This way you can sort out your good prospects from the rest, and spend your time where it counts.

A good qualifying system is really just a series of questions you ask, and responses you would like to hear from your prospect to indicate they are a good fit for you.

Don't be too shy about this. It is your time you are spending!


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