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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Selling strategy tips for small businesses

Most small companies dream of making it "big time" by signing up a much larger company as a client. But getting to the point of actually securing a deal can take a long time, and can take many paths. This report highlights how a number of proactive Irish technology companies have gone about getting clients in the US.

The main messages:
1) Focus on a niche market.
2) Get out and meet people. Being small means you have to be proactive with your sales efforts.
3) Partner with other firms who already understand your service, and get them to introduce your business to potential clients. This is especially the case if you offer a truly new service or product that your customers will not recognise or be familiar with.
4) Establish credibility by using your senior executives to meet prospects on a regular basis. Let them know they have easy access to your decision makers.


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