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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Trade show tip: 16% of people don't want an approach

After working on dozens of trade show stands over the years - both as an employee and in conjunction with clients - I know it is hard to have a "standard" line that you use to approach all visitors. The worst thing is to come off sounding as though you have a canned spiel.

Exhibiting at trade shows can be an extremely important part of a B2B marketing strategy. Where else can you get a throng of potential buyers congregating? But how should you approach visitors to your stand? An article I was reading today stated that 16% of visitors do not want you to approach them. That is, NO approach at all.

Another 15% of people actually need someone to approach them (I assume they are too timid to ask). The rest are somewhere in between, meaning that they will need some sort of recognition from you, but may not want to have your 'offer' pushed at them.

If you are involved in trade shows, take some time to plan your stand so visitors can easily understand what you offer, and see your information from a few metres away. Then develop a simple but low key way of asking a few questions to open up dialogue with your potential clients.


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