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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What is 'Word of Mouth' these days?

Word of Mouth used to mean just getting your friends, clients and colleagues talking about your business. But not any more. The world has become more complex. And with 76% of people in the UK, and 92% in the USA citing word of mouth as the main factor or source of information in their purchase decisions, no business person can afford to ignore these changes.

Just the other day someone told me they wanted help with 'word of mouth' to promote their business. When I asked them what they meant by 'word of mouth' they didn't really know - but they had been told they needed it.

This article on Marketing Profs gives a great summary of the new style of word of mouth marketing. One of the key points made in the article is the need to connect with key influencers within your target audience. And there are some great tips on how to embrace this new "connected marketing".


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