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Friday, December 15, 2006

Does multi-tasking reduce the impact of your message on clients?

Researchers are starting to focus on the impact of the 'multi tasking' phenomenon. The younger you are, the more multi-media-oriented you are. And the more likely it is you will mutli-task, especially when it comes to media. See the chart here for how Teens are now spending their time.

Even if your clients are not teenagers, you know the same situation is occurring, more and more often.

For business people it can be mobile phones, office phones, computers, PDA's, paper diaries, desktop PC, laptop, faxes etc. How many things can be done at once?

Does this mean your clients/prospects will have more difficulty in staying focused on your message?

Will it be harder for your message to break through the barrage of information faced by those multi-tasking?

I reckon it will.


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