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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Why your clients wont wait for you anymore

Time shifting. Have you heard of that. It's where people (mainly using technology) take control of their evironment and do things when it suits them. Shifting the pattern of time to suit their own needs. And a report today about free to air TV losing out shows it is happening here, and now. From the report:

According to Zuchetti, people are tired of watching shows when it's convenient for the networks, instead of when it suits them.

What does this mean for you, and your clients?

It shows us that people are getting more restless. More inclined to say... "Hey, I want to do it this way, not YOUR way!"

This can have a dramatic impact on general attitudes. Now you dont have to wait. And you can change the system to suit what you want. Combine these attitudinal shifts with lifestyle changes where the 9-5 job continues to account for a smaller percentage of jobs, and people have less structured time (as we used to know it).

The end result... clients who are not happy unless they get the right result, when they want it, and expecting to be able to influence they way the service is delivered. After all... they are used to timeshifting. Why not expect you to do it for them?

The bar continues to be lifted on performance standards for service providers in all industries.

To maintain client satisfaction make sure you continually educate your clients on why you follow the process you do (explain why it is best for them), and help them participate where ever possible.


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