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Saturday, November 25, 2006

CRM systems - are you 'strip mining' your client base?

How much is 'too much' contact with clients? Do you use 'strip mining' tactics designed to get every last ounce (or gram) of business out of your clients. Many CRM programs help you to easily contact clients time and time again. But these days, do the Customer Relationship Management systems actually help you?

In this article the writer says:
Customers don’t want to be managed, controlled or sold to. They want to be understood, have their needs met, and receive value.
The article quotes research that 76% of companies have a CRM system, and that 80% of clients stop doing business with companies because of a bad experience. In this case the bad experience might be caused by 'strip mining' tactics.

This can be a contentious issue, as we all receive much more information these days than we used to. How much of it did we consent to? Who can remember?

In business we need to be flexible. And we must be flexible in the way we look at communicating with clients. The 'strip mining' analogy is quite accurate. Rather than just treating all clients the same, how can we differentiate our services - and our clients experience with us?

... the quest continues...


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