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Saturday, December 09, 2006

3 things you MUST do to get media interested in your story

You know, the principles of how to get covered by the media haven't changed much. The internet makes distribution of news easier. But the people writing the news are still looking for you to do 3 things, as outlined in this interview at (available no charge until Dec 18).

In the interview New York Times editor Stuart Elliott (his beat is media and technology) points out the 3 things you need to do to get him interested in your story:
  1. Read the NY Times, so you know how he usually covers stories. Make it relevant for him.
  2. Email your pitch to him, so he can print it out. No attachments. Put your press release in the body of the media. (Note from me, Stuart Ayling: this basic tip is ignored so many times by excited business people trying to get attention. Don't worry about attaching a fancy document/letterhead. Just stick to the story and get it written properly.)
  3. Offer an exclusive. News gets old very quickly with the internet. Make it worth their while to take time on your story.
The same pointers apply to other media outlets, not only the NY Times. Getting media coverage takes preparation, and that takes time. Time well spent if you ask me.


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