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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Networking proves itself again

Just yesterday I was attending a networking event on the fabulous Gold Coast organised by networking guru Terri Cooper. Many local business people attended to hear the key seminar speaker - ex-Olympian Selina Scoble.

While I was there I met a number of potential clients, as well as a few potential collaborators, from Brisbane and the Gold Coast. These 'collaborators' are other service providers that I may be able to work with on future client projects. Their areas of expertise cover printing, PR and journalism, software training and recruitment.

I'm glad I went, as one of those new contacts could be a key player in a new project.

So don't get scared off attending networking events in your local area. Find a few opportunities to meet new people. Think of it like your old school days - every year you got to mingle with new students in new classes - maybe you even went to a new school.

Be brave... make new friends... and get more business.


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