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Monday, November 20, 2006

Most B2B buyers expect pricing but don't get it

Some data about 'industrial/B2B buyers' - 85% use supplier web sites; 91% use the internet to find components and suppliers; buyers spend 6-8 hours a week online searching for products; 91% of buyers also use a catalogue in addition to the web site.

And from a study by ThomasNet (a major industrial information source) they find that 74% of buyers expect to find pricing information on a web site, but only 23% of sites actually do that. And 72% of buyers expect tech support details, but only 38% of sites provide that.

The clear message is that many industrial/B2B web sites still have a long way to go when it comes to delivering what buyers want.

These figures come from this article from MarkeingSherpa. Fantastic reading.

As you might know, I mainly work with service businesses, not manufacturers. But the same theme applies. As a service business or professional firm, does your web site actually deliver what your clients are looking for to help them make a purchase decision?


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