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Monday, August 07, 2006

Speaking should be part of your marketing strategy

For many service businesses the act of "speaking" should be an important component of the marketing mix. Paul Evans provides some great tips on what you should forget when doing your next presentation.

One of the biggest challenges facing a service business is to establish your expertise (and positioning) in the minds of your potential clients. Speaking to groups or conferences, and presenting training events such as workshops can be the ideal forum to let prospects see what you have to offer.

Before you get in front of the audience... make sure you have prepared yourself. It is not the time to "wing it" and hope everything goes well. Make sure you:
  • Know your audience as well as possible.
  • Understand your own material.
  • Have a clear structure for your presentation.
  • Are well presented (relevant to the occasion and audience).
  • Have all material prepared (handouts, visuals, etc).
  • Have rehearsed your material AND timing.
Lastly, remember that when you have the stage the audience wants you to be a success, and they want to enjoy your presentation. Treat yourself well by preparing properly and it will show through on the day.


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