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Monday, January 22, 2007

The client really is in charge - just ask them.

If you still think you control how your customers buy your services - think again. This latest research clearly shows that buyers DO take the lead in the sales process. And they are very happy to do so. From the research...
After 50 years of sellers markets, buyers are taking widespread control of buyer-seller relationships, and many companies don’t know how to respond. At a high level, customers are basing purchase decisions significantly more on customer focused company behaviours than on pricing, information sharing and traditional marketing. Customers rate price second to customer focus in buying influence, with traditional marketing practices—including brand-building and automating customer service—rated least important by a wide margin.
Another key finding is that general marketing tactics such as "brand building" and "automated customer service" are no longer seen as important. Clients now want real service from real people in real time. Is that how you operate your business?

My tips:
  • Make sure you are able to respond to clients in a personal way.
  • Recognise their unique needs. Even if they are similar to those of other clients.
  • Make sure your front-row client contact staff are well trained in communication skills, and know how to respond to various requests.
  • Don't rely on "getting your name out there" style of marketing (unless you already have a well-known ie national/international brand name to promote)


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