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Saturday, October 21, 2006

A web site that wastes time loses money.

The title of this post is a quote from Gerry McGovern - web usability guru. He talks about the fact that self-service environments (like your web site) are meant to save the visitor time. He mentions Starbucks, who recently realised their new cold coffee drinks were taking too long to make, and this was losing them customers in the morning rush period.

Their self-service was too slow.

My point is this... how well does your web site service your potential clients?

Is it quick and easy for your prospects to find out what you offer - and how they will benefit?

As Gerry McGovern says:
There is a clock ticking fast in your head. You absolutely
expect to be in and out of this place quickly. Because that's
what self-service is about and that's what your website is
about. A website that wastes time loses money.


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