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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Is your information trusted?

Results from surveys over recent months as reported in have shown a continued trend towards people trusting online information sources more, and trusting traditional printed sources less.

Did you realise that Internet blogs, user groups, and chat rooms (combined) are the second most trusted source of information about entertainment news. Most trusted was traditional 'lifestyle media'.

(Sidebar: Read my recent article on your online marketing options.)

You may have noticed the survey related to 'entertainment news'. However, if you are not in 'entertainment', don't make the mistake of thinking this wont affect you. It is a trend that will grow over time.

Other results show that of younger adults (18-29 years) only 20% read a print-only newspaper, compared to 41% for older adults (50-64 years). This contrasts to those who read only web-based news of 7% for younger adults and 4% for the 50-64 age group.

All this means that the marketing landscape continues to evolve. It also means that print advertising may not be as effective as it used to be, as the readership is now more fragmented.

In fact, one client recently told me that since the newspaper they regularly advertise in changed format (from broadsheet to tabloid) the response from their advertising has been zero (nilch). Not good news.

People - your clients - are looking for reliable information they can trust. Make sure you are positioning yourself to be found, or your competitors will.


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