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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Top tips for marketing on the radio

Recently I was featured in an article in Australian Broker magazine discussing using radio as part of your marketing campaign. I didn't really agree with the CEO of Commercial Radio Australia. She says it should be "an essential part of any advertising mix".

In this article I explain when radio advertising can be helpful, and why you shouldn't do it. As I say in the article, one of my main points is:

"Generally speaking, radio isn't effective at building trust for financial services, so I wouldn't usually recommend it being part of a mortgage broker's marketing program," he says. That said, he does concede that it may be the right medium for certain brokers; if they can deliver the right message. "If the audience mix is right, the coverage is right and the price is affordable, then maybe radio advertising should be considered as a possible marketing tactic," says Ayling.

See if you agree!


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