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Monday, July 14, 2008

Video: Tips on Pitching to Investors and Clients

If you ever need to 'pitch' your business to investors or even to high-level decision makers within client organisations - you must watch these videos.

All the businesses featured in the videos were participating in a UK business contest.

Make sure you listen to the entrepreneurs comments at the end of each video - you'll find them very helpful recently ran The Pitch, a new competition at the Bristol Design Festival allowing entrepreneurs to present their business, invention or idea to a panel of experts. It was a hugely successful event and we are today pleased to announce we have published video footage of the contest. Featuring expert advice from our 'dragons' the videos provide valuable guidance on how to pitch to investors.
My tips:
Pay attention to the various communication techniques and presentation styles of each presenter. It's a tough situation to be in... but some of them could do with a bit more practice!

If you are presenting to investors or high-level decision makers:

* Make sure you can clearly summarise your 'offer'.
* Be prepared to answer very direct questions about volume, quality, demand and sales.
* Use good quality visuals that will get your message across.


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