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Monday, January 22, 2007

1.1m and growing - Why you need to pay attention to increasing VoIP usage

What is VoIP? It stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. That is, making phone calls, or using a person-to-person voice service like Skype. Why should you care? Because there are 1.1 million users of VoIP in Australia. And it is growing. And one of the leading international providers (Skype, owned by eBay) is planning to launch very very cheap phone calls via the internet in Australia. They will join other Australian VoIP providers like engin.

What does this mean for your service business?

It isn't really about the extra phone calls you can make at the cheap rates.

It IS about the growing use of online services by the general population. And that includes business users as well.

As they become more familiar with using online services, clients will expect more from your business online as well. So get your act together and ensure you are capable of keeping pace with the increasing demand for services, information, and access via the internet.

Making sure your website is well-structured and fully functional is a great start.

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