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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Are You Fooling Yourself

It's hard work being consistent.

And sometimes it can be boring.

When we start something new - whether it be a new exercise regime or reading the first chapter of a best-selling novel - we get caught up in the excitement. We might even experience an adrenalin rush. It feels good.

But it doesn't stay that way. At least in most cases anyway.

What happens?

We get used to it.

Doing the same thing. Over. And over again.

This reminds me of a quote attributed to the ancient Greek philosopher Aesop - 'Familiarity breeds contempt'.

In other words we get used to it and start to forget why it is important for us. We overlook the purpose of what we are doing. We lose sight of our initial objective because we get bored or lazy.

It is the same with doing your marketing. It is easy to get excited by the latest fad, marketing technique, or piece of advice. But the excitement doesn't last. You get lazy.

You find yourself committed to too many things. Most of which are only half done. Then you let things slip by.

= = =

* Skipping the personal networking events.
* Overlooking the regular newsletter article, or blog post.
* Not sending 'thank you' messages.
* Updating the website only 'when I have time'.

= = =

Sidebar: Many successful business owners pretty much know what
they should be doing. Their challenge is often having the
discipline or structure to implement what they know. This is
where a coaching or marketin mentor program can be invaluable.

For any business, one of the secrets to marketing success is to be consistent.

Of course you need to be doing the right things in the first place. And then ensure you are consistent in your implementation.

That is why - when planning your marketing - you must make choices you can consistently deliver.

An example. For many service-based businesses presenting an informative seminar can be a fantastic way to build credibility and attract clients. As you would expect, presenting seminars on a consistent basis will have even greater impact.

But if you know you don't have the skills, or the enthusiasm, to deliver informative seminars don't make the mistake of including that tactic in your marketing schedule.

Don't fool yourself.

Because if you can't commit to being consistent it is rarely a good idea to do it at all.

Please don't misunderstand me here. I'm not suggesting you should simply ignore every marketing tactic you don't like. (In some cases that wouldn't leave much on the to-do list!)

If presenting seminars was important for growing your business I would recommend you learn effective presentation skills as your first option.

In summary, identify and explore the value of relevant marketing options. Then consistently implement your chosen strategy.

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