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Monday, January 02, 2006

New name for newsletter

After nearly 5 years of running my monthly newsletter under the name - NousNEWS - I have changed it. The new name is Marketing Advisor. Sign up here.

Why did I change it? The main reason is that to grow my list I have come to believe that I need a more easily recognisable name for the newsletter. Originally I included the word "Nous" as part of the overall branding/diferentiation strategy for Marketing Nous. Find out what Nous means.

It also comes at a time when I will be changing the format of the newsletter from plain text to full-colour HTML. I expect this may cause a few headaches as many email programs dont show HTML newsletters exactly as they are prepared - due to spam filters and restrictions. We'll see what happens. I will need to educate subscribers, as is often the case these days with any technological change.

To make sure I was doing the right thing I have checked many other email newsletters, and also discussion lists on email marketing. The fact remains there are few standards. Many hugely popular newsletters are still presented as plain text. And over recent years I have watched as a few have gone from text to HTML format, and then back to text again, due to the high volume of deliverability problems the publishers encountered.

I have also seen many popular sales/marketing newsletters in HTML format - apparently without any problems. Or so it seems. I suppose I will find out soon enough.

FYI - Industry research says general open rates for newsletters is around 30%. Click throughs from links in email messages varies hugely depending on the list, the offer, and timing - anywhere from under 1% to over 70%.


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