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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Why I hate New Year marketing resolutions

Over the last few days I have been inundated with suggestions and ideas for setting new goals for 2006. New Year Resolutions everywhere - marketing, business, personal. The list goes on. Well guess what! I'm not going to bother. Not right now anyway.

Sure I have plans for this coming year. But not because it's December 31, or January 1. I think one of the biggest mistakes many business people make is to make plans "just because". Because their friends say they should, because they read they should, because they feel guilty, because... etc etc.

The best plans are based on a real desire to achieve something. Or to avoid some unwanted outcome.

My new year tip for you is to focus on WHY you want to achieve something. What is important to you? Then make decisions to bring this to life. But don't do it just because it's January 1. Do it anytime that you need to.

Your marketing strategy should span many months, maybe even a year. So just because we hit December 31, don't get distracted by end of year silly-ness.

Stay focused on what is important.


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